Sharing is Caring

Almost 90% of families agree to organ donation if they know their relative’s decision, but this falls to less than 50% if they haven’t had the conversation about organ donation.

 There are 6,500 people on the waiting list for an organ transplant in the United Kingdom so it is vital that anyone that wishes to donate their organs discuss it with their loved ones in order for a successful and potentially life-saving transplant to take place.

 Registered organ donor or not, the next of kin MUST give the go-ahead for an organ transplant to take place. This protocol will still be in effect even if England decides to put in place an ‘opt out scheme’.

The solution:

 The campaign is simple. To get people to talk about organ donation by utilising food packaging. 

 We have designed a food brand called sharers – the brand particularly focuses on food that is meant for sharing; for example boxes of  chocolates or tubes of crisps. The packaging initially looks inconspicuous, like any other food packing, but once opened it contains cues for people to talk about organ donation in a relaxed wThe packaging includes information about organ donation as well as a QR code so that people can register to become an organ donor quick and easily.